A Feminist Workforce

Every March we celebrate International Women’s Day, a celebration of women and their achievements in the face of adversity. This year we are also celebrating the centenary of the Suffragettes, a poignant and powerful reminder of how long real change actually takes. Both these events remind us of the important role of women in the world; not only as mothers, but as social entrepreneurs, politicians and leaders in business.

Here at the Busworks we are a female led team. Awarded Business Woman of The Year back in the 80’s by the late Margaret Thatcher when women in business were rare, our Managing Director, Gillian Harwood has been a catalyst in creating business hubs since the 70’s. She has seen many changes in the workplace, isn’t frightened of change or easily offended, and at her very core, knows she is equal to any man, whether they realise it or not! She has chosen her people very well. She has looked for certain qualities that many may have once dismissed in the business world – integrity and compassion, and yes, feminists. Her staff are loyal and staff retention is extremely high. This is a direct reflection of her values and beliefs that are transparent in the business model the Busworks has been built on and the ethos it has adopted.

The men that do make up our team are forward thinking who treat each of their female colleagues with the same respect and consideration they treat each other. Equality (feminism) is an unspoken given. Men who view women as equals in the workplace are the best men to work with; here at the Busworks we are lucky to have a few of those!

So, although many workforces still tend to be mostly led by men, the gap is closing and women in business are on the rise, so Gillian is now one of many impressive women leading the way. Equal pay, due to the recent exposures of imbalances within large organisations, means we are much closer to achieving this too – another really positive change. It is so important to have female leaders as well as male, and we must strive towards working together to achieve balance. We all have so much to offer, but together we can achieve so much more.

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