“Super fast broadband is crucial for a tech company like ours so we need a fast a reliable connection. Being located at the Busworks is fantastic for our business, lots of the other businesses use our service and we charge our electric vehicles on-site through the EV charging points which are hooked up to the solar panels on the roof.

On a personal note I wanted to say how much I have enjoy working at United House, I think you all do a wonderful job and it’s really a lovely community.”

DriveNow Uk

“Busworks is a lovely place to work, a great atmosphere…..the staff are really helpful….and we have 30 mbps internet connection with a fibre optic connection in the building…”

Future Energy Publishing Ltd

My online business requires a good stable internet connection to communicate with my customers and process orders….. I was promised a fast “always on” connection by Venus and I am super happy with it ….and the girls in reception make life so much easier – and always with a smile.

Value AV Ltd

“Our 4th year here,  Busworks is a great mix of innovative and traditional businesses;  the people are friendly and helpful.”

Andrew Mann Ltd. Literary Agents

“Busworks offers flexibility, location and value. Glad we moved here.”

London Nest

“We love the community feel of the office space at Busworks and are glad we chose an office here. “

Halestorm PR

“Fantastic working environment right in the heart of central London with a great community of specialists, summer and winter spaces. The best part is that we all compliment one another.”

NG Architects 

I am so glad to have found ‘The Busworks’- the atmosphere is great and the place has happy and helpful staff. The rooms are bright and spacious; the price is affordable and the bar is very nice!

Flavia – Trans-Fast

Finding and moving into Busworks was a great & painless experience.  We are a classic startup – cash sensitive, looking to start small and grow.  Busworks offered exactly that, with friendly and exceptionally helpful staff that guided us through the paperwork with ease.

The space had many offerings for us.  Flexible space, good access, good security, onsite parking, great pub on site for more casual meetings, great Theatre next door, friendly community & related activities, great location being only one stop from Kings Cross.

We are looking forward to many years here as we grow !


We moved into Omnibus in 2008 – attracted by the great value rent, ease of use and convenience of transport.

What we hadn’t expected was how great the atmosphere is and how helpful and supportive the team are.

Paul Drew – Communicator

CarbonPlan Limited have been at the Busworks for nearly 2 years now and it’s the best move we ever made. The flexible workspace arrangements have allowed us to grow organically from 5 staff to 15 without any worries on where we would put people or how it would work. The Busworks staff are always friendly and helpful and when we have needed access for IT installations or help and flexibility in moving offices they are always there. Having looked at what else is in the market we could not be in a better place.

Alan Calcott
Sustainability Consultant
CarbonPlan Limited


We’ve  been here a while now, it’s great. The office space works well for us, with an open area for meetings and communal environment we can interact on levels suitable for our business.
Katy Unsworth
Office & Event Admin Manager
Secret Productions

Working in an office space at Busworks is brilliant.  The consistently friendly and helpful culture of the Busworks staff sets the tone for all the tenants and there is a great diversity of organsiations here. Our spaces have good natural lighting, there are safe places to park bicycles and cars and the communal areas and meeting rooms are just right – what more could you ask?

Caroline Rogers
Office Administrator
Women and Children First

I have been a resident of Busworks coming on three years now. In all of the office environments I have worked in, the atmosphere of Busworks has been by far the best.  There is a fabulous inclusive community not only amongst the residents but also the management. I am not just a client here, I am a small business wishing to grow and that is honoured and supported at Busworks. The lay-out and style is quite casual and relaxed but at the same time, I feel really safe here. We have always had such thorough security protocol and the staff of Busworks are professional, friendly and considerate. The clients of Busworks are all very supportive of one another and I have made not only great business contacts but great friends. Busworks has been and will continue to be the best choice for my business.

Katie Maloy
Managing Director
Touch Media

We moved to Busworks last year and really like it.  The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed and there are great opportunities to meet and network with other like-minded businesses.  Having a restaurant and pub on the premises is a real bonus.  Oh, yes, and the table tennis room.  Definitely a good place for a forward looking rapidly growing business.

Phil Michaels

We have been renting office space at the Omnibus centre for four years now and recently moved into a larger office on the same corridor.

The offices are good value for money and the Management and Personnel are efficient, flexible, courteous, friendly and on occasion humorous. I have also suggested to friends that they consider renting an office here, which they did and they are also very happy.

There is also a good spirit of collaboration by the various clients via reception. Very handy if you need a phone charger or similar at short notice.

So we will continue here and recommend it with no reservations.

Full On John and his mate Joan !

John Whelan Associates Ltd